salk institute
The Divers G Gallery, Toronto, 2015

The Divers, a collaborative exhibition of Faith La Rocque and Jaimie Henthorn explores communication through artwork - as collaboration tool and form of investing and conveying meaning, here on the topic of transformation, desired or otherwise. G Gallery hosted art objects, installations, video works, and a continuous live performance by La Rocque accompanied by Henthorn via live web stream.

Visiting artist, University of Wyoming, 2014

A live performance at UWYO integrated two-dimensional collages into a three-dimensional architectural context with performers suspended from an exposed steel beam. In this way, two spaces were engaged simultaneously, one conceptual and one physical. This performance can be restaged thereby forging new and unique relationships with other architectural contexts.

Article, Journal for Artistic Research, 2014

The article ‘Movement Intervention within British Post-War Architecture’ centres on two movement interventions by the author at the post-war British buildings St Peter’s Seminary and the housing blocks Bevin Court and the Sivill House. These interventions address the similar cultural circumstances of these sites and dissimilarities of their current status. The capacity for the kinetic human body to function as research tool and for movement intervention to contribute to existing architectural discourse are here assessed.

Figures in Spaces, workshop
PhD dissertation abstract, Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London